Computer Systems Analyst
Objective:  Seeking challenging system support consulting assignments.
Strengths:  System testing, system support, trouble shooting, documentation, training, project management.
Current Position        - Senior Consultant, C*C Systems & Software, Chesapeake, VA

Security Clearance    - Top Secret

College Education     - San Diego State University, various graduate courses in math,  
              chemistry, data processing and biology, 1969-1976.
            - San Diego Community Colleges, various courses in math, chemistry and data    
              processing, 1969-1976.
            - Shippensburg State College, graduate psychology courses, 1966.        
            - Dickinson College, AB, Biology, 1965.

Technical Schools    - Harris Computer Systems Division, Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
              Introduction to VOS,  VOS Analysis.
            - NAVMASSO DETPAC, San Diego, CA,  SNAP II System Coordinator's
              Course, 1983.
            - NAVMASSO, Norfolk, VA, SUADPS Functional Area Supervisor Course, 1985.
            - Vitro Corporation, VAX User Orientation, 1987
            - JYACC - Introduction to JAM, 1990
            - American Academy of Medical Administrators, Southfield, MI, various.

Military Experience    - US Navy Reserve, E-9, Hospital Corpsman, 1965-1998,
              active duty 1966-68, 1991, 1992.
            - Navy Schools:
                   Hospital Corps "A" School,
                   Landing Force Staff Planning School,
                   Surface Force Medical Indoctrination Course,
                   Hospital Corps Field Medical Service School,
                   Combat Casualty Care Course (C4),
                   Medical Regulating Course.
    Unisys A Series, V Series, B19xx
    IBM: 360, 370, 30xx, PC
    IBM PC Compatibles
    Harris H Series
    Honeywell DPS6
    DEC: PDP-11 VAX
    Univac: 90/70, 1100
    Hewlett Packard
    Various LANs
AZ7/IQF                        Assemblers (various)
BASIC                          COBOL, BDMSCOBOL
dBASE                         Pascal
VOS/VULCAN               Various browsers
IBM DOS/OS                CICS
SNAP  I                        Unix
SNAP  II                        SPSS
Quicken/QuickBooks     Word Processors
FORTRAN                    Spreadsheets
SUADPS                      MCP
SUADPS-RT                  WFL
VMS                            XGEN
TOTAL/DMS                 WINDOWS 3.xx/9x/NT/Me/2000
CANDE                        TSO
ALGOL                        OS/2
VOS/Vulcan                 Networks
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